Innovative Blended Language Upskilling

Why I-BLU: Aims

The I-BLU is a course for modern adult learners of English specifically designed to develop confidence and boost communication skills.

It is free and fully adaptive, enabling the learners to progress at their own pace, varying between live and digital learning formats.


Whether you need it for work, training, study, social life, or travel, the course will help you develop your English skills for a wide range of real-life situations. What is more, you will be able to shape your learning experience in a way that best suits your learning profile.


Targeted customization (situations)

I-BLU is not an ordinary ‘one size fits all’ English course. We know that every learner has specific individual needs, preferences and a learning style. 


We also use English in different situations and contexts.


Because of this, the I-BLU course includes a wide range of communication situations in which English is used for work and life.


What is more, I-BLU supports customization, so that an individual learning course can be shaped around individual learner’s needs and strengths.

What is your Learner Profile?

We all have individual profiles in our everyday communication at work, school, social and public life.


In the same way, each learner has his or her specific profile, and the success of your learning experience in English will depend on the learning pathway that you choose.


The I-BLU course not only offers different learning pathways to suit an individual learner’s profile, but will also help you to define and choose a learning pathway that suits your needs.


For English teachers, the I-BLU provides a complete toolbox of teachers materials and materials for learners, as well as the methodological support to prepare and deliver your Blended Learning course.

If you are a teacher…

The course integrates the progress assessment component in line with CEFR recommendations and standards, while also allowing to chose an appropriate ratio of live and online teaching and learning.


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